Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly


Calendar of Events

Last Updated: 02 Oct 2002

March 11-12 PRAGMA Inaugural Meeting:  San Diego, California - USA
May 15-17 APGrid Meeting:  Taipei, Taiwan
July 10-11 PRAGMA 2: Seoul, Korea
July 11-12 Grid Forum Korea: Seoul, Korea
July 22-27 GGF5:Global Grid Forum:  Joint with High Performance Distributed Computing 11
Edinburgh, Scotland
August 26-28 APAN 2002: - Challenges of a New Digital Age 
Shanghai, China
September 3-5 ATI: Accelerating Trustworthy Internetworking 2002
Palo Alto, California - USA
September  23-26 iGRID2002:  Focusing on e-science, Grid and Virtual Laboratory
 Amsterdam, Netherlands
September 24-26 CLUSTER2002:  The 4th IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing
Chicago, Illinois - USA
November 16-19 SC 2002: From Terabytes to Insights
Baltimore, Maryland - USA
December 3-5 IC-SEC 2002 - International Conference on Scientific and Engineering Computation
December 16-19 HPCAsia: 6th International Conference/Exhibition on High Performance Computing in Asia Pacific Region
Bangalore, India
December 17-18 Euroweb 2002 - St. Anne's College, Oxford, United Kingdom
January 23-24 PRAGMA 3: to be held in conjunction with the APAN Meeting
Fukuoka, Japan
May 12-15 CCGrid 2003 - The 3rd IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid
Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
June 2-4 The 3rd International Conference on Computational Science
Bi-location event:  Melbourne, Australia and St. Petersburg, Russia
June 4-5 PRAGMA 4:  Melbourne, Australia
October  2003 PRAGMA 5:  Taiwan



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