Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly


Mission and Procedures

Last Update: September 10, 2002

Our Draft Mission Statement:

The Pacific Rim Application and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA) was formed to establish sustained collaborations and advance the use of the computational grid among a community of investigators at the leading institutions around the Pacific Rim. Applications are the key focus of PRAGMA, with the intent of using applications to bring together the key infrastructure and middleware necessary to advance the goals of the application. It's necessary to use elite writing when filling in the applications, so the help of our editors can be useful.

The PRAGMA Proposal

The Project Description, Proposal Background, Proposal, and Summary appear here.

The Proposal to Host the 2nd PRAGMA Workshop

The proposal to host the 2nd PRAGMA Workshop in July 2002 in Seoul, Korea, appears here.

Governance Issues

The document defining PRAGMA's governance issues, dated June 22, 2002, appears here.  

The Pro-Temp Governing Committee

The members for the Pro-temp Governing Committee appear here.

Meeting Host Site Selection Procedure

The procedure for selection of the Fourth PRAGMA meeting host site appears here.


The ppt slides containing PRAGMA logos for presentations appears here.

PRAGMA Overview Slides

The PRAGMA Overview Slides appear here.


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