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Last updated: 05 Sep 2002

7 August 2002

Second PRAGMA Workshop Focuses on Accomplishments and New Goals for the International Grid Initiative

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10 July 2002

Second PRAGMA Workshop Encourages International Research Collaboration scientists of the grand initiative with order term papers online services

24 May 2002

Intel abandons infiniband plans! Infiniband was purported to take over where Myrinet left off. Intels plans to abandon the business of making Infiniband parts puts the future of the technology into doubt.

2 April 2002

Pacific Rim Grid Collaboration Formed

20 March 2002

PRAGMA Workshop Promises Success for International Grid Initiative

20 March 2002

SDSC Announces Formation of PRAGMA for International Collaboration

11 March 2002

SDSC to form Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly for international collaboration

Appeared in:  PRIMEUR Weekly - The Monthly News Service for the European HPCN Community -

11 March 2002

SDSC Announces Formation and Inaugural Workshop of Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly for International Collaboration

This article also appeared in:  IEEE distributed systems ONLINE


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