Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly



Last updated: 03 Oct 2002


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bullet Tutorials and Presentations
bullet Testbeds
bullet PRAGMA Hardware Resources
bullet VTC Equipment

Grid Software Resources  [Contents]

NMI NSF Middleware Initiative:
Collected and tested Grid software resources in a single distribution
Globus Toolkit, Condor-G, Network Weather Service, GridSSH, KX509 Gateway, Grid Packaging Toolkit (GPT)
NIMROD A Tool for Distributed Parametric Modelling
NINF-G A Global Computing Infrastructure
NetSolve A RPC based client/agent/server system that allows the user to remotely access both hardware and software components
APST AppLeS Parameter Sweep Template
AMP Active Measurement Project (network measurements)

Network and Grid Project Links  [Contents]

TRANSPAC  Transpacific Internet Network
TeraGrid NSF TeraGrid Project. 40Gbps backbone. 13TF Clusters
APGrid Asia Pacific Grid - Physical grid testbed

Grid and Cluster Tutorials and Presentations  [Contents]

Globus  Globus Tutorials
Rocks Rocks Clustering Tutorials
TeraGrid Teragrid Overview and Initial Implementation plan

Physical Testbeds  [Contents]

Initial testbeds will be done in conjunction with the APGrid Testbed. Please see the APGrid home page

PRAGMA Hardware Resources [Contents]


Hardware Specifications
CAS/CNIC 8 nodes, AIX (shared)
KISTI 80 nodes in different size of clusters
NCHC 32 nodes (shared)
UCSD 32 nodes (shared)
University of Melbourne 24 nodes (shared)

VTC Equipment  [Contents]

Here is the summary of VTC Equipment at each site.  

Site Technical Contact VC System MCU


Kazuyuki Shudo
[email protected]
ViewStation VS4000
4-port Polycom VS4000


Junguk Kong

Manhee Lee
PictureTel 900 Series


Greg Bruno
Polycom Viewstation
Polycom FX


Kai Nan

Kevin Dong
Polycom View Station No

Osaka U

Susumu Date

Polycom View Stations
1.  Biogrid Business Center: 
Phone: +81-6-6873-2116
2.  Cybermedia Center
Phone: +81-6-6879-8795 or 8799


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